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LEDIC partners with Compliance Depot to ensure our vendors meet our insurance and other business requirements. All vendors must be approved through Compliance Depot prior to providing services to any LEDIC communities. Click HERE for more details and a quick steps guide.

  • Vendor Credentialing ensures that all vendors within the same industry designation meet the same requirements to conduct business with a partnering company.
  • Vendors will feel confident that they are not being outbid by competitors who have not been qualified based upon the same set of business criteria.
  • Vendors will have one centralized place to submit all necessary documents required to conduct business with a partnering company.
  • Vendors no longer have to provide separate copies of documentation to multiple locations.
  • Vendor Credentialing will notify the vendor and their insurance agent in advance of any upcoming insurance policy expirations.
  • Vendor Credentialing has over 150 client companies that use the database on a regular basis when searching for new or replacement providers.

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